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How to write a good CV

Read our top tips on how to write a CV to

help secure the Ideal job for you.

Information to include in your CV

Your CV represents the first impression you make on prospective employers. It is your opportunity to make yourself appear as suitable as possible for the available post.

Your CV should include:

Personal details

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Education and qualifications

  • Degree subject and grade
  • University/college details
  • A level subjects and grades
  • GCSE subjects and grades
  • Include certification from non-academic institutions where relevant to the post

Work experience

  • Include all relevant work experience
  • Relate the skills to the job
  • Emphasise examples of team work, customer service, problem solving, planning, organisation, co-ordination, persuation, negotiation and interpersonal skills

Interests and achievements

  • Keep this concise and targeted
  • Show a range of interests
  • Stand out from the crowd by including unusual hobbies
  • Emphasise interests relevant to the job
  • Try to evidence skills like leadership, teamwork, organisation, planning, persuading and negotiating


  • Relate your skills to the role
  • Language skills
  • Computing
  • Vocational training skills
  • Driving


Normally two referees are sufficient.

Try to make these as relevant as possible to the type of post you are applying for.

Key rules for CV writing

There are many ways to write a successful CV but it's worth noting the following general rules:

  • Make it targeted and specific to the job and emphasise your particular skills
  • Be informative but concise
  • Keep it accurate in content, spelling and grammar
  • Provide the information in a well presented, logical order

CV presentation tips

  • Your CV should be carefully and clearly laid out using bold and italics for headings
  • Be concise - maximum 2 sides of A4 for a graduate, up to 4 sides for a technical applicant
  • If printing out, make sure each page is single sided and add your details in the footer
  • Be positive and highlight your strengths
  • Be honest, avoid innacurate or misleading information
  • Most attention is given to the upper middle of the first page so maximise this space for your most compelling details

“If you are posting your CV send it in a full size A4 envelope

rather than creasing it”

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