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Information Management

Huntsman works alongside organisations to maximise the efficiency, effectiveness and service quality of their information management and technology provision.

Implementing a new systems requires significant additional support for users. It is an opportunity to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and service quality of the IT support provision, in order to become more professional and customer focused.

We help Organisations manage the complex IT environment to allow the successful implementation and roll out of new systems.

Project support

Huntsman provides advice and guidance on technology, integration and service support to help you achieve your organisational objectives at any stage of your projects including:

  • Information and performance management
  • Data quality
  • Data migration
  • Business intelligence

Systems Testing

A major challenge for organisations that are implementing new systems is to build a test strategy that ensures the system supports the business objectives.

Huntsman understands the importance of successful testing to uncover any issues as early as possible so that changes can be made and validated prior to go live, mitigating risk of costly changes post go live.

Huntsman has experience providing support and advice, together with additional staffing capacity to ensure a successful go live, reducing risk and helping organisations achieve the benefits they set out to achieve.

Huntsman provides testing advice and consultancy services together with experienced testing staff to support organisations faced with the challenges of testing newly implemented systems.

Testing consultancy

Huntsman assists organisations by providing systems testing support with:

  • Testing strategy development
  • Testing plan development
  • Test script development
  • Test management
  • Test execution
  • Integration testing
  • Enhancement testing

Go Live support

‘Huntsman is experienced in the delivery of Go Live projects in the UK’

We understand the importance of having sufficient front line support whilst maintaining 'business as usual'.

Huntsman has developed a range of unique tools and methodologies to support the effective delivery of Go Live projects.

Go Live consultancy

Huntsman has an extensive team of experienced Go Live staff who have been closely involved in the planning and delivery of numerous Go Lives. We can provide advice and guidance on all aspects of preparing for Go Live and delivering the support services needed for success, including:

  • Scoping
  • Cutover planning
  • Resource planning
  • Issue management
  • Establishing a Go Live Command Centre

“Huntsman's floor walking team has experience in a wide range of

specialist IT areas”

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